What’s the best exercise for this? What’s the best exercise for that?

Carlos Anthony Castro
2 min readJul 31, 2022


Book shown above : Sieg and Adams, Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anataomy

If there’s one question any personal trainer/ coach has heard, that’s the one. And it’s a great question. What exercise should I do, which machine works best for this/ for that. Typical gyms have various machines, all of which have some kind of value. It can an intimidating environment.Then there’s a lot of social media posts which show the newest “cool” new exercise ( likely best to ignore these exercises).

What I would tell the anyone that has concerns about what he/ she should be doing from an exercise standpoint:


Notice me holding a photo of an anatomy book in the cover photo of this blog. Hey, we’re all different! So no exercise is a one size fits all. A particular exercise, or exercise variation might be great for a particular individual. Professional personal training begins with a foundation of human movement, & physiology. Thats where my education a personal trainer started. Proper training is based on movement patterns, provided contraindications for that person. What applies to one person doesn’t necessarily transfer over to the masses. But everyone doesn’t work with a trainer. So those I say, if you enjoy an exercise , keep on. Enjoyment is a factor in fitness.


I’ll level with ya, I’ve learned exercises from members at the gym I work in that don’t have my knowledge. I was taught as a child to always be learning, and never have an ego. Hey, nobody know’s it all right?And if anyone gets to the point where he/ she feels like they do, likely a bad sign. I’m always learning about my profession. So my advice to the gym masses:

  • Ask yourself, “what are my goals”?
  • What’s the purpose of this particular exercise?

If we can’t figure the purpose of a particular exercise, it likely shouldn’t be in the workout routine. And when all else fails, hey HIRE A FITNESS PROFESSIONAL. Watch what happens when you do!



Carlos Anthony Castro

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