Squat more. Here’s why.

Carlos Anthony Castro
2 min readApr 18, 2023

As spot reducing has been proven to be a something of the past( burning fat off of 1 part of our body). The question still looms for fitness professionals: what’s the best exercise for this or that?

Just a refresher: any body fat that we store is just food intake that we don’t burn off in our daily life’s. And the factors that contribute to daily energy expenditure are:

  • Basal metabolic rate- the required amount of energy we need to consume just so our body can function
  • Activity factor- Our workouts
  • The thermal effect of food- the energy we spend just to digest food
  • N.E.A.T. (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)The energy we spend just moving around through the day.

So why squat more? Not only is it a healthy exercise for our knees(often where people blame squats). It also strengthens the muscles at our hip. Remember our bodies our a machine that operates from the inside out. The muscles around the center of the body must be strong and stable. If not, the muscles and joints that are more distal will pay the price.

Speaking of the hip: said hip joint( femur where inserts into what’s the acetabulum at the pelvis) connect muscles through our upper and lower body, being where our squat pattern starts at.

Squats engage our deep core muscles. Thats my favorite part of the movement as our core has various layers. Aside from that, squats have various options that are safe an effective for all populations. SQUAT MORE!!! It’s good for ya!



Carlos Anthony Castro

*Personal Trainer* Marathon Runner * Instagram @iron_endurance_training