Making Changes Part 2

Carlos Anthony Castro
3 min readMay 17, 2023

Just my opinion, but asking a kid in his/ her 20’s what do you want to do when you grow up is a brutal question. The 10th grade version of me would’ve told you I DO NOT want to go to college.At that point I was just going through the motions(get in and get out). Honestly, didn’t like school very much.

But i got into college as a result of my own interest in auto -shop / fixing cars and the star’s alignment ( the good lord has a way for all of us). Fast forward, I graduated from college with an engineering based bachelor degree.

Not, only are we all from different backgrounds, with different perspectives on life(none of which are wrong). But we change as we grow. College may not be the best routes for everyone. But, here at age 43, I think it’s a great route for most young people. A college education will not only create a well rounded young person from and educated standpoint. It’ll also help young people figure out themselves while experiencing other people’s idea’s and beliefs. This helps us grow. Albeit, there are other ways/ paths to get this experience. Neither of my parents went to college. I’m the middle child, and the only of 3 children with a college degree.

Fast forward, like a large percentage of college graduates, around my junior year that I’m starting to realize that I didn’t wanna go into the field that I just spent 3 years studying (Oh boy. For youngsters, 3 years is a really long time). So my brother hooked me up a with a job where he was working in used automobile financing. The paychecks were good. So I stayed there, and fell into my comfort zone. About 10 years in I was just going through the motions, collecting paychecks to pay the bills.

Then April 4th, 2014 happened. A co worker of mine walked into our office. Regular office business was happening, and he suffered a heart attack. He died right in front of us, although the paramedics don’t disclose it that way as that news needs to be delivered to the individual’s family first. I was 34 years old at the time.

During those times I’d bring home a lot of work related stress with me regularly. But weeks after witnessing this I realized I had to make some changes myself, health related . I was a regular worker-outer( i guess), bicep curls and sit ups, maybe 1 lap around the local park etc. But I decided to start running a little more. I mentioned to a co worker that I was running more so he told me about a running app that his daughter gave him. So I downloaded it. Hey, running made me feel good. So I kept challenging myself to run more and more. I’d never thought I run a marathon!! But….. Welp!!!!

Running marathons personally gave me a much needed new mindset (anything is possible if we’re willing to put in the work!!!).After working a job that (thankfully ) gave me a paycheck, I realized that it was up to me to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone with my new mindset.

So, just before my 39th birthday I got a text from my mom. It was a reminder that we aren’t getting any younger. I was about 16 years in on my last job at the time, late 2018. Long story short, here I am.

This was the beginning of my process of me becoming a personal trainer. But it took for me to go from a kid that didn’t wanna go to college, to a kid that went to college, worked a job, got a little life experience, ran a few marathons🤷‍♂️. Different paths in this life. So here we are.



Carlos Anthony Castro

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