Making changes, June 14th, 2021

Carlos Anthony Castro
2 min readJul 16, 2022


Last year on this Friday night I walked out of the office that I’d worked for the past 17 years. Age 41 at the time, enough to reflect on how much I changed over the years, now transferring careers ( I was also a bit pissed off that my employer was giving resistance on paying out my vacation pay. Because that was a huge part of my plan in moving on). But that all worked out.

I graduated from Cal State University, Los Angeles with an engineering degree, only to work in automobile financing as a loan officer from 2004 to 2021. Now here I was, moving onto a new career. I wouldn’t have the financial protection of a boss signing my checks twice a month with stable money for almost half of my life. When I told my former employer that I was moving on, the first thing he tried to do was buy me out, to which I replied, “ it’s not about the money”.

I had to ask myself some tough questions as I considered changing careers:

“ Is it that you DON’T want to be there”?


Because one doesn’t transfer into success for the other.

Here I am 1 year from that Friday at the time of this writing, working as a personal trainer in the corporate world. I can definitely says the following:

  • It feels good, nobody owns me. I’m in control.
  • Financially I’m afraid all the time. But I use that as motivation.
  • Life is all about mindset, and good faith in the Lord up above.

Surviving even 1 year as a personal trainer is somewhat of an accomplishment. Apparently, the game I play is absolutely not for those that are hoping to be overnight celebs as most personal trainers move on 6 months within getting their baseline certification.

One year in, not only I’m I analyzing my own strengths & weaknesses and how I can better. I’m doing so for my new colleagues. Looks like we become veterans in this this new line of work much faster that the old one. So what do I do to get better from this point:

  • Find, and own up to my own weaknesses
  • Step out of the comfort zone again, just like I did to leave my pay check of 17 years.

Long story short, I’m happy where I’m at. I’d make the same decision again if I had to. NO REGRETS.

Are you happy with where you’re at? Now thats a question.



Carlos Anthony Castro

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