Benefits of an unregulated fitness industry

Carlos Anthony Castro
2 min readMay 27, 2023

We wouldn’t be able to operate as a society without rules/ guidelines for all to follow( at risk of already losing my audience as rules clearly apply more to some than others. Thats another conversation). Structure is much needed.

But when we have a particular goal, we need to layout a plan of how we’ll achieve said goal. As the saying goes, “ a goal without a plan is just a wish”.

Typical rules of society for most youngsters say go to college, get educated. Hey, my brother didn’t. And today he’s a big time director for Pepsi Cola. I, on the other hand did , and entered the workforce transferred careers after 17 years to being a personal trainer at Equinox.

We’re all different, and there’s a different path for all of us. There’s no one way across the board.( now lets apply life to fitness).

But a lot of fitness folk say: I did this. It worked for me. So you should do so as well.

When it comes to fitness we need to establish what we want. And we’ll look across the gym and see someone else working out. And we can collect that info, maybe something we’d like to try. Then try it! And try as many movements as you’d like. See what works best for you. All movement is good. Some is just better for some than others.

As a personal trainer, my priorities are first and foremost:

*LISTEN!!! I know what I know. But I’d like to hear about what you have to say. Because my game plan will ultimately finalized after I hear from you.

The fitness industry is unregulated. BUT!From a stand standpoint of programming guidelines there is a proper order. We technically should be prioritizing certain movements before others. But we’re all different. An injured muscle?We may need we need to start this way. A sore joint may need that we need to slow down on this movement pattern, and maybe even start with some isolated movements, maybe even spend more time warming up.

A qualified fitness professional can differentiate the factors that pertain to your schedule (I’m pretty good.) Some people need more of this than that. This is your starting point vs someone else.

In the meantime, get your workout in!

The fitness industry is unregulated, as it should be.



Carlos Anthony Castro

*Personal Trainer* Marathon Runner * Instagram @iron_endurance_training