26.2 miles later. What can I say about marathon running?

Carlos Anthony Castro
3 min readJul 15, 2022
2019 LA Marathon, mile 11 and the finish line

I was never much the runner. Through my mid late 20’s I wanted to “gain size” so I felt like running was somewhat the enemy. Back in those days I might run a lap or 2 around the local park just to get a sweat. But my work was all bicep curls, push ups and sits ups( abs baby!!! Gotta have em). And I stuck with that routine into my mid 30’s. I’d workout about 3 times a week . But my priority was my job (much to a fault). So what changed?

Mile 23

Welp, life can give a hell of an experience here or there. I’ll cut to the chase, on April 4th 2014, I witnessed a long time colleague suffer and die of a heart attack at , my then, place of employment. Experiences like that would change anyone. And I don’t totally give it credit for me running my first marathon in 2016, it did help me realize that I need to stop prioritizing my health instead of my job. And I this all happened during a time when I was letting job stress get to me. So I started running more. I wanted to focus on my cardio vascular health. And running felt good. I found myself running that typical 2 laps around the local park more and more. And I told a co worker about it.

The next day that co-worker told me about a runner app that his daughter had been using, Endomondo Sports Tracker( now retired). So I downloaded it and started tracking my distances and times. Two miles turned to 4 miles, and 4 miles quickly turned to injury because I was running a lot on a body that wasn’t prepared for the rigors of running. But I bounced back, and finally let everyone in my immediate circle know that I think I wanted to run a marathon( I was met with typical responses). But hey I kept training and eventually registered for my first , the 2016 Marathon.

Start line of mile first marathon in 2016

I made my share of training mistakes, but I was able to toe up for 26.2 miles. Running, and completing my first marathon gave me a new mindset. It made me have a great appreciation for seeing others succeed. And it made me want to learn more about fitness. At the time that was because I wanted to correct my training mistakes.

2017 LA Marathon, mile 22

So I started looking up various fitness articles, & modified my own training to add more strength workouts. Before I knew it, my living room was basically the gym. In late 2018 I gave some thought into entering the fitness world. So I started DM-ing various fitness influencers.

2018 Finish Line, 26.2 miles later
I’ve run 7 marathons to date

So what can I say about distance running, it got me to the path that the good Lord wanted me on all along. Seven years removed from downloaded a runner app, I went from running 2 laps around the local park, to running 7 marathons to transferring to a career as a personal trainer. That was my path.



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